Philipp Hentschel
by Philipp Hentschel

10 important rules for freelancers

There are more than 9 Million freelancers in Europe. Our basic rules for better perception.

Welance is run by freelancers and selfemployed people for years. Some people still have a prejudice against the freelance way of work. Let's change that! Freelancers need to be recognized as experts and professionals. These are our 10 basic rules for better perception.

#1 - Always be reliable!

If you agree to something you have get it done. It's your estimation - don't promise what you can't deliver.  

#2 - ABC!

Always Be Communicating. In most projects you have to deal with changes and unexpected problems along the way. Talk about it with your client. Be proactive and transparent!

#3 - Deliver on time!

Milestones, Sprints, Deadlines. Every task has a specific date. Do everything to be on time, reduce functionality if neccesary. Uncommented elapsed dates will cast you in a negative light.

#4 - Dumping never works!

Be confident with what you're worth. Avoid incalculable fixed price offers. You will end up paying on top - thats bad for your motivation and the market. 

#5 - Take your breaks!

To deliver awesome work you have to push things to the limit. But take care about getting enough leisure time for physical & mental recreation. Having some time outs is most important for creativity & motivation.

#6 - Promote yourself!

You are your own brand. Make yourself visible and find new clients.

#7 - Stay curious!

IT knowledge expires quickly. Besides blogs, magazines & conferences local meetups are a good alternative to get the latest trends.

#8 - Don’t believe the hype!

Not every new idea, software or framework is the next big thing. A healthy scepticism towards new products is fine. Otherwise you get lost in a jungle of possibilities.

#9 - Give Coworking a try!

You can get more out of it than you might expect! The new way of work is expanding - besides a desk people find inspiration, help, motivation and friends.

#10 - You're free, enjoy it!

The freedom of self-determination is awesome. You can choose your customers, workplace, projects & wage. That's a privilege - be proud and defend it!