Jeremy Richter
by Jeremy Richter

Meetup Locations in Berlin

Are you a freelancer or developer in Berlin looking to meet like-minded people? Then check out these cool meetup spaces for your next event.

Meetups work great to gather people for selected topics. We share our experience and talk about locations that are perfect for this. Here we go:

Cafe Nest


Location No.1: You can find it in Kreuzberg close to Görlitzer Park. Besides a café it also offers a coworking space. Both options can be booked for Meetups. We have taken a closer look at the café area in the back. It comes up with around 30 seats, big tables and large walls, perfect for overhead projection. The Menu card offers everything from German to Mediterranean food.




The second location we have visited is the former pharmacy at Mariannenplatz, Kreuzberg. It is perfect for small Meetups around 15 to 30 attendees. Basics as Wifi & overhead projector are available. Also, you get very comfortable seats in chesterfield style. The upper area works best for Meetups. It can be easily separated from their daily business.


Sankt Oberholz


Did you know that Sankt Oberholz can be booked for Meetups? It is located in the centre of Berlins startup scene at Rosenthaler Platz, Mitte. There you can find the two story café, a coworking space and rentable apartments. We booked the coworking room and arranged around 30 seats for the Meetup including technical equipment such as internet, projectors and a sound system.


Melbourne Canteen


Location No.4 comes with Australian flavor. It is located at Pannierstraße Neukölln. The Melbourne Canteen has a separate back room. You can place tables around the wall for overhead projection. So that people can reach out to each other easily. Capacities are around 20-30 seats. The staff is aussie-like & friendly and serve food with both French and Australian influences. Choose Melbourne Canteen if you are looking for an option with a chill atmosphere.


PS: We host Meetups, too!


We have a suitable meeting room and event space for groups of 10-40 people. There are many restaurants close by that possibly can provide your event with catering. You are welcome to send your request at any time to


All in all

That's our experience so far. Of course it's only a little insight of those plenty possibilities. Feel free to share your ideas about more cool spots. We will keep hosting Meetups all about coworking, future of work and remote work. If you are interested in these topics you should join our group and stay posted:

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