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Samsarah Lilja

Samsarah Lilja is a freelance web designer and developer. She is currently based at the welance coworking space.


What projects are you working on, right now?

Currently, I'm  finishing up my collaboration for a complex project by the German Ministry of Health. 

My new web projects are going to be some portfolio websites. For instance, there is one for a German VC and a website for a real estate company. Additionally, another health project.

And for the last one I will cowork with welance and I am quite excited to see how that will go.


Did you notice any special behaviors of clients from Berlin?

Berlin has lower rates which is due to the slightly lower living costs. So clients from Berlin might want to beat down the price. But of course that isn't true for everyone. It has been changing in the last couple of years.

Luckily most of my clients are nationally spread companies anyway, and are willing to accept fair pricing for good work.


Whats the hardest thing for you while freelancing?

First of all, finding the right coworkers isn’t so obvious. They need to come with the right skills, fit in the budget and be available in the right time slot.

Secondly, I struggle with keeping my vacations work-free. There is always a need for support. In order to keep my clients I feel obligated not to let them wait.

I'm starting to scale my business and I am certain with time and experience. Those issues will resolve.


What's your favorite style of working?

It depends on my work load and the specific tasks. So sometimes it's more comfortable to work from home. But I try to be at least three days a week at the office or with clients.

As for remote, I made it my goal to travel for three to six months per year, taking my work along. My last trip was a three months stay in Mumbai, India where I worked from a shared office.

My next stay in 2015 will most likely lead me to southern Europe. It’s a great experience that I can only recommend.


How are you involved in the welance community?

I’ve had a fixed desk at welance for the last 4 months. So far I have really enjoyed my new working home.

I am trying to scale my business and for that need reliable coworkers, that I hope to find in the welance community.

We are starting out with the first project this month.


What do you think is special about welance?

I really like the size of the community. There is enough critical mass to find your personal peers and a good diversity of expertise and character. 

Being able to exchange ideas with others at times is a big plus.

At the same time the is no continual coming and going, so there is less distraction. 

I also like the professional chairs and good supply of all essentials. It makes me feel very much being home at welance.


What do you recommend to do in Berlin before leaving for good?

Guys and gals - take some time and walk all the different quarters of the city with open senses!

Each one is quite unique and Berlin is way more than just Hipster-Mitte, Organic-Prenzlauer Berg and Archaic-Kreuzberg!



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"I made it my goal to travel for three to six months per year, taking my work along."