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Secret Sights of Barcelona

Our tips to discover the city

Catalunyas Capital is one of the most creative cities in Europe. Visitors are amazed by the architecture and the unique combination of food, sunshine, sports and art. We are spending several weeks every year in Barcelona and share our secret sights with you.

Nomad Coffee & Pasaje de Sert


There are millions of tiny streets in Barcelona - but this one is special. It connects our remote studio with the coworking space and on the way you will find the nice Nomad coffee. Decorated with trees and mostly ignored by tourists this little street is worth a visit. If you go there in the late afternoon the light is just magical! There are some major sights like Arc de Triomf & Parc de la Ciutadella around. See it on Google Maps.


Supercomputer "Mare Nostrum"


This will leave you speechless. The pure beauty of hightech built into an old chapel is the ultimate proof that Barcelona is the capital of modern architecture. Spains most powerful supercomputer is located at the university of barcelona. It’s not easy to get in but you can ask for the next public tour easily with a phone call. It’s worth a visit and also recommended to non-geeks.


The best Paella in town


Get yourself a bike and cycle all the way down alongside the beaches of Barcelona. The fact that you can ride several kilometers next to the ocean is bringing you holiday feelings right away. You will pass by small bars & restaurants called "Xiringuito". When you arrive at Xiringuito Escriba, you should stop by. They serve the best Paella in town. Many people told us and we witnessed it, too. Ocean view included!


Palo Alto Market


This is one of the rare industrial areas that are used for design markets, concerts and exhibitions. It’s not open permanently - you should check their Facebook page for upcoming events. Make sure to be there early and spend a day in that nice neighborhood. 


Breakfast at Tibidabo


If you are quick and can make it to the mountain before 9:00 am you will be rewarded with the perfect morning view over the entire city. Get some sweets, take the train or scooter up to Tibidabo and enjoy the ultimate view with a fresh coffee. Once the first people enter the amusement park you can hike around Tibidabo and discover the surprising countryside of Barcelona.


Cemetery of Poble Nou


If you have ever wondered how a cemetery can also be a piece of art, a visit to the one in Poblenou will give you clearity about this. It has two distinct areas: the original cemetery and the part that was extended in the second half of the 19th century. There are nooks and corners of great artistic and historic interest and special poignancy throughout the cemetery grounds.


We hope the tips of our secret sights of Barcelona will find you well. Feel free to share this post or send us your recommendations of spots we should not miss. The city is always changing and we're sure there is a lot more to see!