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3 fresh Social media marketing strategies

3 modern approaches to increase website traffic and sales with social media

3 social media marketing strategies that will increase your traffic and sales significantly.

Usually, when we talk online marketing, Google Adwords and Facebook ads dominate the conversation. Both are proven ways to increase traffic, sales and so on. A big bonus is their measurability: a host of analytical tools are available to help navigate towards Return On Investment (ROI).

But Google Adwords and Facebook Ads have gotten too popular in Berlin, driving up costs, and diminishing ROI for a lot of small businesses.

Social media marketing 2016:

Therefore we would like to introduce you to 3 fresh social media marketing strategies. Leveraging social media platforms you are likely already familiar with, we can see that there are marketing opportunities available other than the normal, run of the mill interest based ad algorithms.


Community size: 400M
Content size: 80M photos posted a day
Age span of users: 18-35 years



Instagram is a thriving network, more relevant than ever for companies nowadays. It is the perfect platform for influencer marketing.  

If done right, it can multiply the effectiveness of your online marketing extremely.

How does influencer marketing work:

1. Research accounts which you think could affect your business positively. It doesn’t have to be in the exact branch in which your business is. 
For instance, a fitness profile isn't only good to promote fitness products or courses but also fashion or beauty goods.

2. It is very important to get a lot of information from their audiences.  You have to be aware of where your product placement is going to be and who it is going to see. you also might want to consider the best posting time for your product placement, too. So you can analyse target audiences of your prechosen influencer  with tools like Demographics Pro. It analyzes all the demographics and psychographics of instagram (and twitter accounts) you would need to find out if an audience is helpful to promote your business. 

3. People that are willing to do product placements mostly add an email address in their bio. You can use it to contact them. If you find a profile that doesn’t do so - don’t hesitate to contact with a direct message or a humble comment on one of their photos. Be friendly, offer an attractive deal and why explain why this profile could be very helpful for business opportunities.

4. After a successful contact you have to negotiate smartly. Instagrammers don’t like to spam their audience. It's their most valuable asset where all of their work is based on. So make sure that your influencer idea fits the context and also offers to account owner an appropriate reward. Sending free products or certain amounts of money can be an option. Kaptn n Son, is a prominent example of successful influencer marketing and pays 50 to 1000€ to their Instagram influencers and could affect their revenue stream significantly.

How can I measure my influencer marketing on Instagram?

To be frank, it’s a bit tricky.

One option, is a sales link in your account bio. You can place a google campaign link to your website to keep track of sales and clicks. Follow the instructions of the link and fill the three gaps with the star:


Website URL* Where should be linked to
Campaign Source* your preferred social network
Campaign Medium* post type then
Campaign Name* consider a unique description

This will be linked to your google analytics and will be shown in your default channel grouping under the point acquisitions -> all traffic -> channels. Your set campaign name will appear then. From here, you can review relevant statistics for ROI.

Another option is a personalized voucher to be redeemed in your online shop. You can distribute unique voucher codes to help you understand where your sales are coming from.

For instance, if you have promoted a pair of jeans on a model’s account. Your voucher code can consist of the model’s name + brand name + discount amount:


All redeemed voucher codes can be reviewed in your Google Analytics under conversions -> ecommerce -> overview or in your online shop system.

Regular Instagram marketing

Instagram also offers regular business ads in either photo, video or carousel format. Similar to Facebook ads, the algorithm is based on highly targeted interest groups.

instagram ad formats

The added benefit of Instagram influencer marketing, is that it will undoubtedly help your own Instagram channel grow in size.

We also suggest having an eye on your own channel (content & follower size) to let it grow, too. Nevertheless start contacting profiles which can be relevant for your business and grow your online PR network. The power of Instagram is strong.


400M snaps sent a day
7B video views a day
100M active users
Age span of users: 13 - 34 years



The community of Snapchat is growing insanely fast. It has about 7 billion video views per day. And that’s up from 2 billion last year.  

Now look at this:

Facebook has about 8 Billion video views per day. Yet Facebook has been around much longer and it’s active user base is much larger. Meaning, Snapchat’s growth is remarkable and it’s quickly becoming one of the most relevant social media platforms out there.

The influencer marketing here works as explained as on Instagram except for the fact that you probably have to research contacts on google or contact them on Snapchat directly. As many users already know the chat disappears after seen once unless the user doesn’t double tap it.

Why should I do targeting on Snapchat?

1. Snapchat is a very interactive platform that offers a lot functions like geographical filters, chat, news channels, story formats and more. Many reasons that cause a high attraction level to its users. 

2. The attention span per videoclip or photo post is comfortably short and limited to nine seconds. To see them users have to activate manually. So chances are high that full attention is paid to the post. 
Most important: The videos are always curated by the user , played in full screen and come with sound. 

3. All videos come from cell phones so you have a 100% mobile users that could be targeted. So your targeted device is also clear.

4. Snapchat 3V: You can buy your brand a position in the discover section. This is divided into several categories such people, food, magazines and more. So you have different options for your targeting.

Analytic tools for snapchat are hard to find

Right now, there is not really an analytics tool that shows you how communities of external profiles are looking like. Snaplytics is one of the first analysis tools. It only shows your own statistics like completion rates, views etc.

Nevertheless, the future of Snapchat looks promising for marketing matters! Start growing your community and enhance your PR network.


650 Thousand authors
25M active readers a month



Medium was first introduced back in 2012 as  beta version. For a blogging and readers platform it is rather young which might be also a reason for its still small size of a community. Still, Medium gathers many engaged & enthusiastic readers and authors that create beautiful content.

Apart from the influencer marketing on Instagram and Snapchat, Medium is suitable to host your companys brand portraits and stories in a sleek modern layout.

A great example of how online branding can be done on this platform is Freeforma Auditative Manufacturing.  It is currently using Medium to explain the development process of innovative 3d printing and leverages its whole story telling games.  It talks about the computer aided design and how it will be replaced by selective laser sintering.

Medium for story telling & branding

We highly recommend Medium to enhance your blogging and story telling marketing and also to reach new readers. It’s free. It’s beautiful.

If you are already running your own company blog, Medium can be a great opportunity to distribute your content in new networks. Just make sure that you don't spread dublicated content. Otherwise Google will penalize your content marketing efforts.

A big plus are the built in statistics. They show you views, reads, ratios and recommendations. To track website clicks for branding matters you can also set google campaign links as bespoken above. Either within the copy or hide them behind graphics.

Find the right online marketing channel for your business

There are many platforms for online marketing in the web right now.  It is just about finding the right one for your business. Sounds so easy but it is indeed very hard. Therefore databased decisions and an analysis up front will definitely help you choosing the right channel.

The three social media marketing strategies mentioned above are relevant networks for innovative, lifestyle or fashion businesses from our point of view. Google Adwords and facebook Ads are almost always an option, too.

We plan many online strategies with these platforms, since we believe that they have sustainable marketing impacts on businesses. Ditching saturated old fashioned ways and discover fresh places for online branding.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any hints, opinions or questions. We are looking forward to it.