Web Development

We create modern websites that work across all devices. Our in depth knowledge of Open Source platforms ensures we select the perfect solution for your project. For help planning a wordpress website or custom e-commerce shop with Magento - contact us today to talk about your project!


Our designers and developers work closely creating unique concepts. The design process includes style guides and basic layouts or wireframes. With initial browser testing we craft the perfect user experience, ensuring an intuitive user journey. Our bespoke workflow focusses on a high quality output for a more efficient development stage.


E-Commerce is the engine of modern businesses. Welance developers love to plan, build and optimize online shops. Since 2009, we specialized in Magento and have over 15.000 hours of experience - there is no feature we can not realize. For lower requirements, we also work with Shopify and Shopware. Have a look at our latest projects.


Our network is full of experienced freelancers. Entrepreneurial creatives with substantial industry experience. They have an understanding of many business-models, ideas, e-commerce solutions & websites. Our wider knowledge can help you create a new business, choose the perfect partner or find the best platform for growth.

Operation Method

We designed our working environment to guarantee great results. Perfecting a strong framework for coworking and remote work. We optimized our collaborative structure to make sure that freelancers working with us have a fantastic work base. We call it the Human Framework.

The Workspace

Our Berlin based coworking space is the heart of our network. A place where project managers and developers meet to create timelines, discuss features and consult clients. Having more than 25 desks, guarantees enough space for all projects and lasting inspiration from local and international coworkers.
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The standard tool for collaborative development helps to coordinate developers and keeps the codebase synced. Every line of code will be saved into our version management. All changes can be reproduced and are documented. If new team members step in, they can check with the latest version and are ready to start working within minutes.

Project Management Tool

To keep track of all milestones, tasks, tickets and budgets, we use a centralised project management tool. Every client can access their own account to see current progress and upcoming steps. All project files and discussions are stored - so everybody team member involved can access the latest information and solve issues quickly.


Successful and long lasting relationships with our clients are part of our core ambitions. Especially when it comes to larger e-commerce projects or websites. We collect all feature requests, updates and bugs in our ticketing system. You can create tickets via e-mail and follow them automatically. That makes it simple to keep track of current tasks and can give a security that they will be completed on time.

Automatic Browser Checks

To please all types of customers, some websites should work within older browsers. Building responsive and flexible websites is a matter of course. We use modern tools to ensure that every layout works in the best possible way. The automated process takes screenshots of all relevant devices to keep a documentation of how your website looks beyond popular browsers.